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Maverick Coffee makes a remarkable coffee experience more convenient, and easier than ever before.

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The Best In Pretoria

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We believe that in order to improve our world and add value to people, we have to do things differently and in doing so, challenge the status quo. We do this through our world class baristas, providing a remarkable coffee experience in some of the most incredible and unusual places.

Quality Products

Our coffees are made with 100 % Arabica Maverick House Blend, on sale at a Maverick Coffee near you!

Professional Service

Our trained baristas have a passion for people, the exploration of coffee flavors, and excellent service.

Our Menus

Need a pick-me-up? Our coffee and baked goods are just what you need to power through the day! Sip, savour, and conquer anything that comes your way!

Hot Beverages

From bold and rich flavors to smooth and invigorating blends.

Baked Goods

Choose from a variety of freshly baked treats from our bakery.

Chilled Drinks

Browse our range of refreshing ice coffees, smoothies and soft drinks.

The Best In Pretoria

Freshly Baked Products

A Match Made in Heaven

Treat yourself to the ultimate coffee break with one of our specialty drinks and a mouth-watering pastry. We promise it’ll make your day a whole lot sweeter.

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Superior Service

World Class Service

Maverick Coffee makes a remarkable coffee experience more convenient, and easier than ever before. We believe we are improving the world through every cup we serve.

Trained Baristas

Our team has been trained according to the WBC standards to ensure we deliver world class service.

Mobile Coffee Bar

Our Coffee Shops

We currently have 3 stores around Pretoria and are always looking to open new stores and franchise opportunities. 

Franchise Opportunity

Our mobile barista bar would love to serve you remarkable coffee at your event, wedding, function or offices.

Maverick Coffee For Your Home

Enjoy our signature Maverick Coffee flavours in the comfort of your own home. We have 1kg Maverick Beans & 250g Maverick Beans or Ground Coffee for sale!